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Embracing the Hygge Philosophy

I may be a little behind the times or sleeping under a rock but recently I came across embracing the Hygge philosophy and I fell in love.  Once I read about the awesome Danish people who follow this philosophy I decided it was time to bring the Hygge philosophy into your life too!

As often as I can, whether it be outside at dusk with my kids, enjoying drinking a cup of coffee on the verandah in the morning.  Having some wine and cheese with friends and a great yarn or cuddling in bed with my kids.  These moments I try to embrace and focus on the feelings I am feeling.  The purity and the love enriched in so many different life experiences that we have on a daily basis.  This essentially is the Hygge philosophy – embracing the small things within those moments through the atmosphere and the feelings that go along with that experience.

What is the Hygge Philosophy?

The Danes developed this important philosophy a long time ago, way back in the 18th century and the definition of Hygge simply means well-being.  Hygge is about winding things back and simplifying situations and moments. Appreciating those small moments.  It’s taking the time to appreciate family, friends, food, nature.

Hygge also is about self-care, looking after our well-being by stressing less and enjoying more. It is appreciating more.  We all live super busy lives.  Whether it is through work or through family and home life that it is important to take the time to unwind and destress.  Did you know that the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world?  Sounds like we really should be taking a leaf out of their book I think!

We have had a huge year this year and life continues to speed along like a rocket and it seems to be only getting faster.  One thing that I have learned this year is that it while I am busy looking after everyone else and their emotional and physical well being, it is also important that I am looking after my own.  The hygge philosophy fits so perfectly.

One of my favourite hygge moments, since we have moved, is late in the afternoon before dinner we all take a wander down to the back paddock.  The kids run and explore generally with the dog following behind, we sit on the grass and chat together and then when the kids run back to tell us what they have found or what they can see.  I try to soak in and inhale my surroundings. Looking up, I can see up to the house, the dam, the birds, the trees, my family.  Sometimes I don’t want that moment in time to end.

The purpose of hygge is to make you feel centred, fulfilled and calmer.  You can try and apply it to small parts  of your day and I guarantee you will start to feel more positive and happier.  Those moments in the morning when I am stressed to get us out the door to school and to work I try to embrace those moments at home.  Even when I have asked 15 times for them to brush their teeth and get their uniforms on.  Those small conversations over breakfast or the trip in the car talking about something silly.

I try to embrace those moments and focus on them.  Inhale the happiness and the feeling that my family gives me.  It is so easy to be on the go all the time and not stop to simply smell the roses. Just taking a few moments each day to bring the hygge philosophy into your life.  This will make you less stressed and feel happier and calmer.

Do you embrace this way of thinking?


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