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Daily Self Care Checklist and Inspiration

Daily Self Care Checklist and Inspiration

Some weeks can be so damn busy I have put together a daily self care checklist with examples of self care ideas for you.  The importance of self care should be high on your priority list.  It is so important that you care for yourself.  If we don’t look after ourselves then we can’t look after the rest of the family.

Recently in The Sydney Morning Herald there was an article about Australia having the worst life/work balance and it made me think about why you should do something for you and the importance of this.  How often do you do something for you?  The fact we don’t make time for it anymore. People are overrun with life and work these days and busy with kids.  It is still important to create some time for ourselves.  There are so many benefits to self care and how it makes us feel.  It does wonders for the mind and body and this then reflects in every aspect of your life.e ourselves for once.


Finding time to yourself is definitely a hard thing when you have a family and you work but if you aren’t happy and you don’t have time for you then the whole system falls down.  If either myself or my partner is miserable and not happy, the system doesn’t work.  The wheels slightly go off course and we realise we need to find that balance again.  As a mum, your priorities are always making sure your family is okay, that isn’t going to change.  It is important you are okay and have downtime to focus on what’s important to you.  You and your partner should allow each other some time to yourselves and together.  You come back better people, parents, and partners.

Here is a list of why you should do something for you and how good it will make you feel afterward.  Try to achieve at least one thing on this list either once or week or just once a month because you deserve it.  You deserve to feel good about you, we all do.  Try to create a daily self care routine.


Here are some examples of self care.  Try to choose at least one or two of these ideas o daily or weekly.

Go for a walk and listen to great tunes that make you feel inspired, calm and happy.  Go on, turn the volume up!

Look at all the good things in your life and focus on them and what is important – sometimes we are so busy we don’t just take a quick peek at how lucky you are.  I go through my photos on my phone and am instantly reminded of everything that is amazing

Get a good night’s rest – Did you know that you are at greater risk of cardiac issues when you don’t sleep well, along with lots of other issues.  Check this article out at about sleep at the Sleep Foundation

Organise a get together with friends – I know that if I feel down, You only have to catch up with some good mates to clear my head, get me feeling positive again.  That’s why they are your good mates.

Stop comparing your life to other people’s – who cares what everyone else is doing.  Focus on what makes you happy, this isn’t their life it’s yours and if you are happy then don’t worry about the others!

 Eat well – I am very much looking forward to eating fish and chips every day when I reach my 80’s but now I feel best when I eat well.  Lots of veggies and salad with treats on the weekends.  If you eat shit, you feel shit.

Just sit on the verandah or the beach or a park in the sunshine – Being in nature is a sure way to feel better about stuff.  Take in the beauty and breathe.

Do something productive – What’s on your bucket list?  What is something you have meant to do for ages?  Set a goal to do it this week!

Being available and present – Massive one for which I am definitely bad at. We need to put the phone down and be more present.  Make this a goal to put it down for an afternoon and really be present with your friends or family.

Tell your loved ones what they mean to you – We never do this enough.  It’s so easy to think everyone knows how you feel but it feels so damn good to hear it so say it again!

Create a Vision Board– Set some goals, create some vision, write it down, find pictures and make things happen.  Accomplishment feels amazing!

Get rid of negative people in your life – Do a cull.  It’s hard but as you get older there are some friendships that are toxic and it isn’t worth it.  It can be like a weight lifting off your shoulders.  Life is way too short to be consumed by some people’s negative attitudes.

A weekend just the two of you – If you are lucky enough to have amazing grandmas who would take the kids every weekend if you let them.  Do it, take a weekend for you and hubby.  It is so great to go back to how it was when it was just the 2 of you, to talk, just hang out and enjoy each other’s company again without being interrupted every 10 seconds.  Do it, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Let us know what are some things that you do for your daily self care checklist! We all deserve to have it because we are worth it and what we put in we get back.

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