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Achieving Your Goals and Sticking to Them

Achieving Your Goals and Sticking to Them

Are you like me and want to focus on achieving your goals and sticking to them?  It is so important to have dreams and goals but it is also so exciting when you are achieving your goals!  As the end of year approaches, people start to question their new year resolutions.  Any time of year is a great time to start thinking about achieving your goals.  But how do we stick to them and make sure we follow through?  It can be easy to start off well and within a few months you have lost motivation and found it all too hard.  Perhaps you weren’t that passionate about the dreams and goals you started with.  Achieving goals can be tricky especially if you are aiming high!

Sometimes I start off with excellent intentions at the start but can sometimes lose focus and direction and need a little more incentive to get me back on track.  Sometimes it can be hard if you don’t think you are seeing any progress or perhaps you need some variation to get you to the end result.

It is important in life to have goals to focus on otherwise we lack direction and motivation. Goals give us a sense of purpose and something to focus on.  There are also huge benefits for our self-esteem and mindset in achieving goals.   The most important factor in achieving your goals is setting a clear direction and focus before you start.  If you don’t prepare and set a clear direction, then there is a possibility you will fail.  Spending some time before you start on how to set goals and achieve them will mean that you have a clear path to go forward and achieve success!

Let’s look at some top strategies for achieving goals!

Set goals that are important to you.

There is no point setting a goal to run a marathon in 6 months if you have no desire to run.  Let alone run 10kms!  You need to make sure you are setting goals that mean something to you.  If you are not that inspired to begin with, how will you continue to find inspiration and motivation to really be successful?  You also don’t want to end up feeling disappointed or deflated because you didn’t achieve your goals so find something you are really passionate about.  Write down some reasons about why achieving this particular goal is important to you.  Keep that piece of paper to remind you of what you are trying to achieve short term or long term.

Make your goals attainable.

The best way to set goals is to make sure that your goals are attainable.    If your goal is a large one, break it into smaller chunks to make each part achievable and attainable.  Also make sure it is something that you are capable of doing.  I get incredibly bad vertigo.  It would be silly of me to make a goal to go bungy jumping.  It is just not going to happen.  I would love to try and overcome my fear of heights and vertigo but it needs to be small steps and something I know that I could do.  I will have more motivation if it was some smaller steps that help me get there and something not so daunting and scary!

Write Your Goals Down.

The best way to go about achieving your goals is to write them down and write down the steps you are going to take to achieve them.  If you are like me, I love my to-do lists.  I love crossing things off my list and the sense of achievement that comes with it.  Hey, some days it is just folding the washing and changing the sheets, but it still feels good!  Print them up with your steps and cross them off.  Having a visual of your success and achievements so far is a huge boost of motivation towards achieving your goals.

Look at What Might Stand in Your Way.

While looking at how to go about achieving goals, you also need to look at the things that have so far prevented you from getting there.  Could there be something that might stop you from getting there?  Jot down what might stop you from achieving your goals and then look at ways to beat the negatives.  With a clear direction and plan in place for when hurdles pop up, you will be better equipped to handle it and be prepared to keep striving forward.

Record Your Weeks Progress

The best way to set goals is to make sure some you record your weeks and also prepare for the week in advance.  If your goals are fitness and health related then prepare for the week ahead so you are ready to go and can plan your week better.  If I have a clear idea of how my week is going to go, I generally tend to stick to my goals and have more motivation.  Meal prepping can really help too if you are wanting to stay on track with your food.  There is an article that relates to research about people who write down the when and where and how they are going to achieve their goals this week had a higher rate of actually achieving goals!  You can read the article here from James Clear.

The Fear of Failure.

Sometimes life gets in the way and things just don’t go to plan.  We have all good intentions of accomplishing goals but we can’t predict what is around the corner.  Don’t get upset!  Every day or every week is the chance to start afresh.  I have weeks where I have all good intentions of doing something and then I fail.  It happens!  But the next week is a chance for me to try again and do better.  There are so many other things you are doing right, so think of those things, nut your goals out again and keep going!


Don’t beat yourself up or get angry if you have a bad week.  Achieving your goals can be a back and forward process sometimes.  Like I said, there are so many wonderful things you do well.  Focus on those for a moment and don’t look at it as though you have failed.  You haven’t.  I found a great quote the other day, so stay focussed and aim for success!  You’ve got this!




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