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The Full Advantages of Drinking Water

The Full Advantages of Drinking Water

Something that should be on everyone’s radar is what the full advantages of drinking water are.  On my current quest in looking after myself is my complete lack of drinking water.  If there is one thing I am extremely terrible at, it is drinking water but there are advantages of water.  I can go until after lunch surviving on a mere 3 coffees and that completes my water intake so far. And after lunch, not a whole lot really changes.

I know this is extremely bad for me so this week I am on the path to correct this and start drinking more water.  In doing this I decided that I need to check out the full advantages of drinking water.  We all know about dehydration which leads to a whole of heap of issues itself, and that drinking water leads to fewer headaches and helps our kidneys but there are some other real benefits to drinking water.

I thought in knowing this it may prompt me to drink more.  So here I am sharing my findings with you and hope it prompts you to think about your water intake and if you are on track with it.  Please tell me there is someone else in the world who is like me other than kangaroos and desert-dwelling mice?

Here is a list of all the benefits of drinking water and the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day:

Boosts your immune system.

Did you actually know that drinking water may stop you from getting sick?  Water can help prevent flu symptoms and they do believe that it may help fight against cancer and other things like heart attacks.  Maybe I don’t need to go any further and just leave it at that!  That’s a pretty good point 1.

It can help fight cancer.  

Cancer is already a huge killer around the world and I was really surprised to know that being hydrated can lower your chances of bladder cancer, which I must say I don’t know much about.  But also can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.  All from just staying hydrated.  I would say that in itself is definitely a huge reason for me to get drinking.  Flush those toxins away!

Protects our joints and cartilage.

Water is all through our bodies so it’s obvious that it would also help all our joints stay lubricated.  There is also discussion that it protects our spinal cord and tissues.  So we love how much better our skin looks on the inside but it is also protecting our insides.  I found out that cartilage is made up of over 80% water which means if it is hydrated it can’t protect our bones properly by doing its job.  It is seriously amazing stuff!  See the advantanges of drinking water are well worth it!

You can think more clearly.  

One thing I hadn’t thought too much about was all the effects of dehydration.  One of them is brain shrinkage.  Basically, if we don’t drink enough water our brains find it harder to operate.  I think they are pretty amazing as it is so I probably don’t want to make it work harder than it already is.  And who wants brain shrinkage!!!

 Gargling, of all things, can keep you healthier!  

Apparently, through an experiment of over 400 people, it was shown that people who gargled water on a regular basis were less likely to develop respiratory illnesses.  I had no idea that if I gargled I could lower my chances of getting sick!  So get gargling!

Balances our your body.

As our body is predominantly made up of water, it is pretty obvious that in order for our body to do all the things it needs to do, being hydrated really helps.  All the little things like regulating our body temperature, transporting nutrients and all other things around our body, helping flush things through our system.  The human body is so amazing

Could your heart be healthier from water?

We all know that drinks full of sugar are really bad for us and doesn’t help our heart at all.  So drinking water is the best way to keep your heart really healthy.

So, you now you understand the full advantages of drinking water, don’t you think you should make sure you are drinking enough water too?  It is important to be more conscious of the health advantages of drinking water as this will help to make overall changes to your water intake

Is there something that you know you should do more of?

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