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Finding Your Workout Motivation

Finding Your Workout Motivation

Are you like me and find some weeks a real struggle at finding your workout motivation?  Some week I really have to dig deep and almost push myself out the door to get moving and feel inspired by my fitness goals.  Some weeks I can really lose my mojo and whether it is weight loss motivation or gym motivation I need to relook at my goals and get my motivation back.

I was never a particularly sporty kid at school and was always picked somewhere around the middle of the pack.  I enjoyed tennis, dance, and gymnastics but I didn’t pursue much activity after high school.  As I entered my twenties, I realised that I did need to start thinking about healthy living and looking after myself more.  I started researching more about what I ate and then started getting into more exercise.

I now love the way that exercise makes me feel and it is a huge part of my regular routine.  It helps keep me motivated when the kids see me exercise and the importance of how great it is for our bodies as well as how great it makes us feel.  But then some weeks it is a struggle to find that exercise motivation.  I sat down and looked at why that was and how I could get my workout motivation back on track

Finding your workout motivation is a bit like cyberspace.

You know it is there and it is floating around, but you just can’t see it.


So let’s look at some way we can get inspired and get back into finding our exercise motivation!

Change it Up.

Sometimes if you are doing the same thing for too long, it gets boring.  I find if I just run all the time I lose interest.  Mix up your exercise program with a variety of different things.  Do a spin cycle class or go walking with a friend.  Try a new sport that you are interested in.  Try a group exercise program where each week is different.  You could try doing a HIIT workout which is a mixture of strength and cardio.  If you want to know more about HIIT workouts, check out my favourite HIIT workout training sessions that can be printed.

Eat Well.

I often find that if I am not eating well or enjoying too much of the good stuff, I can feel really unmotivated with exercise.  The healthier you eat I find you have more energy and feel in a more positive mindset to get moving!  Our bodies feel stronger and healthier and it gives me a good rush of endorphins that make me want to get out there and get fit!  If you are looking for weight loss motivation or need more help with healthy meal options, check out my 7 days of easy healthy dinner ideas.

 Create New Playlists.

Having a few great workout playlists is really important!  You need to find your motivational music and have it ready to go!  Nothing beats putting your headphones on and listening to some great tracks!  Spend some time creating a few different ones, all ranging from 30-45 minutes that you can change up when you need.  Don’t forget to change the tracks around occasionally so they stay fresh and you don’t get sick of the same tracks!

Set New Goals.

Part of finding your workout motivation is making sure your goals are clear and achievable.  If you don’t feel like they are getting your mojo happening, change them up.  Sit down and focus on what you can achieve.  Make sure you set some short-term easier goals and some long-term harder goals.  Keep your goals fresh so you feel motivated to keep achieving and trying each week.  A few weeks ago I wrote up about setting goals and achieving them if you need a bit of help.

Find Some Buddies.

I know with my workout motivation it can be much easier if someone else is relying on me to be there too.  I train with a friend and we motivate and push each other way more than if we were alone.  We organise to meet at 5.30am for a morning session, I know if she is relying on me then I can’t let her down and sleep in!  It might also help when you can have a chat and a laugh while you are exercising too!  Sharing your workout achievements and watching each other get stronger is great motivation!  A great way to find some buddies is logging in Strava.  It is a fantastic community of people who cycle or run.  You can check out their local trails or use their times and distance to inspire you to get above them on the leaderboard!  You might find some new training buddies in your area!

Make Time.

Time is the golden word that we definitely could all do with more of.  Some days or weeks can be really hard.  It is important to try and find or make time in your day.  The weeks that work is really busy for me is when I aim for 1-2 5.30am workouts.  That way I get them done early and I don’t need to try and fit them in later.  Sometimes I go to a spin cycle at 7 pm at night.  We need to make the time for exercise and make it part of our week.  Finding time might mean you end up trying something new and it could be so rewarding!


Balancing a healthy lifestyle for you and your family

isn’t always easy.

Have any of these tips helped you with finding your workout motivation?  I hope so!   Life sometimes gets in the way or we just have weeks of feeling deflated and unmotivated.  Setting goals and finding new inspiration is really important to keep us motivated and on track.  I would love to know how you go and if you have any fabulous tips for me.  Sometimes I also have weeks where I am busy finding my workout motivation also!  We can all keep each other accountable.


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