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Best Fat Burning HIIT workouts with Printables

Best Fat Burning HIIT workouts with Printables

Sometimes you need variety with your workouts and I have got 3 of the best fat burning HIIT workouts with printables.  I love mixing up the week with my exercise and these are even better if you do them with a friend and encourage and motivate each other!

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and there are so many benefits of interval training. The benefits of HIIT is to give you the maximum boost but in short bursts.  So if you can’t stand running or doing something for long periods of time, these are a great option as the exercises are constantly changing.  HIIT workouts are designed to be short bursts of exercises which are meant to increase your metabolism and burn more calories, so what is not to love right??! 

I also find this type of training if I am running short on time.  If I only have a short time before school pick up or on my lunch break I can just do 1 or 2 rounds and be done in half an hour.  If I want to do a longer workout, I can add a short 12 minute run at the start and end and really make it a solid hour workout.

There are some huge benefits to the HITT workout training:

You don’t need any equipment

This makes it super easy to do at home as you are using your own body weight to do the exercises.

You burn fat for longer

High intensity exercise in a short time has shown that you can burn more fat than running on a treadmill for 40 minutes and because your body has been working in overdrive and super hard, you continue to burn fat for longer as your body is recovering!  Trust me when I say these are the best fat burning HIIT workouts I have found this week!  You will be sweating!

It’s extremely good for your heart

This type of training is really pushing your body and making your heart pump faster.  Many people don’t get their heart into this zone very often so it is a good push and you will find that after this type of training you might be able to run further or walker further as your heart strengthens and gets fitter.

 It’s all about losing weight but keeping muscle

Training with your own body weight is great for your muscles, so this type of training will help you lose weight if that is your goal but still maintain muscle mass.

So what are you waiting for?  I have put together the best 30 minute HIIT workouts.  Trust me, you will feel fabulous after one of these.  I find I get huge endorphin rushes after and they really make me feel great for the rest of the ay.  So give it a try and let me know how you go!

If you would like some more information on HIIT workouts and how to incorporate them into your week Women’s Health magazine has written a great article.  And if you need help staying focussed on exercising I have some ways to help keep you motivated with your exercise all year round.

3 Easy PDF’s of the best fat burning HIIT workouts right here!

40 Minutes Yes You Can

Complete Core Workout

Full Cardio HIIT workout

Make this week count and go for it!







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