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Focus on Your Health and Accepting Your Body

Focus on Your Health and Accepting Your Body

You need to focus on your health and start accepting your body for how amazing it truly is, as it is.  Are you like me and many women and men in the world, where at some point you have worried about what the scales say? Well, don’t!  Easier said than done right?  It is vital that you focus on fitness and focus on health.  The scales don’t matter!

Does your weight some days determine how happy or sad you are?

I have been known to focus too much on what the scales are telling me.  If I see a shift I feel depressed or annoyed and don’t feel good about myself.  I have over time placed too much emphasis on this.  It is so easy to look at the number on the scales and let it determine how we feel.  If it goes down, we are happy and if it goes up, we don’t feel so great.  It is time that we stop focussing on this number and starting focussing on what really matters.  Numbers should not define who we are!

 Unfortunately, the media constantly tells us how amazing it is that this person has lost so many kilos and prints articles about how to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks.  Of course, for many people losing kilos and the numbers decreasing is a good thing but since I have exercised and done regular strength training my numbers have only gone up.

When I was in my early twenties I put on a stack of weight.  It was purely from eating too much bad food and not doing any exercise at all.  I felt sluggish and tired and I didn’t like how I felt.  I was unhappy with how I looked.  The only one who could change that was me.  I wanted to feel strong, healthy and have a positive mindset from feeling good.

20 years later I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life and guess what?  I weight almost exactly the same as what I did back then but I don’t look the same.  How does that work?  We need to stop focussing on the numbers the scales tell us.    You should follow a good healthy diet.  Have a look at what we are putting into our body and how active we are being. We need to concentrate on feeling stronger, healthier and being proud of how amazing our bodies are for what we can do with them.  There are so many positive effects of eating healthy.

If you need help with sorting out your diet and living a healthier lifestyle check out my 5 Day Clean Eating plan which is a 25 page e guide full of recipes, meal planning and shopping lists to get your started!

Did you know that people who focus more on healthy habits rather than just weight loss are more likely to stick to

these changes and see better results?

One of the important things to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat.  So it is really important to understand that if you are working out and doing strength training you will put on muscle.  Since I started a group strength training group 2 years ago I have actually put on 2 kilos.  Regardless I am fitter, stronger and healthier.  I have gained more muscle tissue which is awesome!

When we jump on the scales it isn’t just weighing our fat.  The scales are weighing ALL of us.  This means our organs, our bones, all our cells.  You will also notice that when you weigh yourself at different times of the day,  the scales will vary so it is not always a good reflection of your health.  It is a reflection of what you may have just eaten, how much water you have or have not drunk and maybe whether you have just done a workout.

Just because someone is heavier than you does not mean they are not as fit as you.  There are so many factors that determine your overall health such as genetics, lifestyle, how much exercise you do and your cardiovascular health.

If you continue to look at the numbers on the scales you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of unhappiness.

The first and most important thing is how you carry yourself as a human being.

How we behave and treat others is of more value.  Our personality, our charisma, how we are as a friend, how we treat others.  All these things inside ourselves are of true value.

The next thing is to focus on how we are fuelling our bodies.  Eating good foods, drinking lots of water and keeping up a decent exercise routine.  We need to focus on becoming healthier and stronger so we can feel good.

Then we can focus on how active we are.  Doing several brisk walks a week, doing a HIIT workout, being out in the fresh air, yoga, bike riding.  You name it.  There are so many ways we can be active each week.  Breathing in the fresh air, using our muscles and having some time to ourselves does wonders for us mentally and physically.

Being the best version of ourselves cannot be determined by a number but it can be determined by how we look after ourselves and how good we feel when we do.

Being healthier, fitter and stronger can have a flow-on effect to feeling positive and creating a stronger mindset.  After a good training session or run I feel invigorated and strong.  I feel positive and I always get an endorphin rush.  We need to focus on how much stronger we are getting, how nourished we feel after eating quality and nutritious food.  We need to feel comfortable with the weight the scales say we are because we will not let it define us.

So ditch the scales today, focus on your health and focus on your fitness.

Go out and be happy and proud of how amazing you are!  You’ve got this.


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