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Learning as We Go Raising Resilient Children

Learning as We Go Raising Resilient Children

Parenting can be tough and one of the topics that are discussed in my circle is how we are always learning as we go raising resilient children. The journey of parenting is navigating your way through blindly.  None of us thought it was going to be easy but often you are pulled in every direction within your parenting abilities.  Trying to create well-balanced resilient children has made me question my own thoughts on particular topics as well as how I project these thoughts and feelings on the kids.

 In the beginning, parenting consists of teaching kids the basic fundamentals.  Facial expressions, love, happiness, how to move, touch, listen, laugh.  Eventually, we teach them basic play skills, walking, and social interaction.  I thought I had parenting sorted.  Well, sort of.  But then my kids became people with minds of their own and the more complex aspects of life suddenly became a lot harder to teach.  Certain situations that we come across in life are not just black and white, or right or wrong so how do you teach your child that a certain behaviour could be the right thing to do but in a certain situation could be the wrong thing to do?  How do you teach them to work out the variables depending on the situation?

An example is when my son came up against another boy in the playground.  He got into trouble but he told me he was standing his ground and defending himself.  How do I explain to a 5 year old that it isn’t okay to push someone but if you are provoked it is okay to defend yourself and stick up for yourself?  How do you teach that fine line between aggression and not being a pushover?

As a parent raising children you question your every move.  I want to raise beautiful, caring, loyal, compassionate children.  But I also want to raise strong, resilient, not be pushed around children. How do you create this balance?  Teaching your children the balance of learning when a situation is okay and when it is not okay is hard and sometimes those boundaries get blurred, even when we are adults.

In the last few years, I have had a couple of experiences with both my children where their behaviour has been communicated to me.  Each situation has not been black and white and I have tried to analyse what has led to this particular behaviour.  Within each situation is always a child learning and pushing boundaries and I try to work out how to allow that essential part of childhood and for them to experience and learn but also teach them that their behaviour had a negative impact on others.

How do we achieve raising strong resilient kids?

By looking at our everyday parenting

Developing strong leadership skills.

They both speak their mind, a bit like their mother, are firm when they don’t want to do something, assertive when something isn’t right or they don’t like something.  These are all qualities that I am super proud of them for having and possessing.  I believe they will serve them well in the big wide world.  Although these traits can be tough to deal with,  I prefer that they are stubborn and stand up for themselves than allow people to walk all over them.

Looking to Others.

I am aware that my children are looking less to me for the answers and are now to a greater group of people to help form their opinions.  Opinions on what and how to treat other people.  I can only do my best to teach the importance of how you treat others. That your actions can have an impact on the world and people around you.  They need to start deciding if that will be a positive or negative thing depending on the situation. They need to be proud of their actions.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes.

Perhaps the decision or how you acted wasn’t the best way in that situation but we learn from it and try and do better next time.  I am a firm believer in my children knowing that I make mistakes also and you don’t just become an adult and have it all worked out.  I still don’t always treat people the way I should and I do make bad decisions.  It is what we do next time that matters and how we can try to make better choices next time.

Teaching Ownership

Ownership over we behave and how it makes others feel.  It is important that they don’t pass the blame or make excuse.  They need to accept that they may have hurt someone’s feelings or made a bad decision.  Sometimes in the morning, I yell.  I’m not proud of it but I don’t have the patience and I end up yelling.  I try to teach the children that I could have reacted better but I didn’t.  Sometimes I use an excuse that I have a lot on my mind and I reacted.  This can be especially when I have asked them to stop behaving a certain way for the 254th time.  I try to teach my son that we shouldn’t make excuses we should just accept ownership, apologise and move forward. We can always try to do better and that is the main thing in my eyes.

Think For Themselves.

I will also try to teach them as they get older to think for themselves.  They need to feel confident in the decisions that they make.  They need to take time to think if what they are doing or saying is the right decision.  Are they happy with how they are behaving or making someone feel?  I want them to understand how their actions can affect other people in a positive and a negative way.

Right now I am blindly walking through parenting and hoping for the best!  I see some of my not so great qualities in the kids now and cringe that they have learned a negative behaviour from me.  I do also try to look at all the positive things I am teaching them as well.  It makes me feel slightly better!  Forevermore we will be navigating our way through parenting.  It won’t ever change as they grow to teenagers and young adults and then they won’t even care what my opinion is anyway!

While  focussing on raising resilient children, I try to think of this quote that:

There are no bad kids, just impressionable, conflicted young people, wrestling with their emotions and impulses.

Trying to communicate their feelings and needs the only way they know how.

May we be raising resilient children that are strong, confident, thoughtful, passionate, caring kids the best way we know how.

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10 thoughts on “Learning as We Go Raising Resilient Children”

  • Such a great read, and it’s definitely highlighted some of the important things I would like to work on with my son. If he doesn’t like something he’s more likely to do it anyway and tell me he does than to say he’s not a fan which is a shame. I am trying to instil in him that it’s okay to say you don’t like it, but it’s a slow process!

    Raising happy, healthy and strong kids is what I aim for.. hopefully I can use these tips to help.

    • It’s a constant learning process isn’t it! Yes raising kids to be caring and sensitive but also strong and resilient is tough. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Amy! Yes it is so tough sometimes between wanting them to be caring and sensitive but also tough at the same time. We have the same thing at the moment!

  • Yes! So true, so many of these things I lay awake at night thinking about. As a Mum and a childcare educator I relate to this on several levels. We just do the best we can with each situation that arises ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I read something in a book once and it’s stuck with me – never to say that a child is ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ and to say instead that they did a naughty thing – so you don’t define them by their actions. I’m trying to teach our boys this on a wider scale – they love everything superhero and are always talking about getting ‘the baddies’ so I am trying to teach them that there is no such thing as a bad person – just goodies who have done some naughty things lol! They ask so many hard questions about life that it’s making me reconsider a lot of stuff too. Thanks for writing such an inspirational article.

    • That is a really good piece of advice and something I will try to remember too. They definitely ask so many hard questions and it can be really tricky to answer sometimes! Thanks for reading!

  • I think as the kids get older that โ€œbalanceโ€ between fierce and compassionate becomes clearer. They learn that they can be assertive and still be kind.

    • Yes definitely, I agree with that. After they have dealt with more situations in life I think they learn.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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