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Best Morning Routine with Kids Guide


It is possible to have the best morning routine with kids!  Some mornings it feels like the before school morning routine is going to be an absolute fizzer.    But it is possible.  It is so important to have a daily routine for kids.

Getting kids ready for school can feel like a complete failure or disaster. Some days I feel completely frazzled as I drive off to work.  I don’t like starting the morning off badly, but it does happen.  I find that being better organised makes a huge difference to the family morning routine!

Do you want help getting the kids ready for school?

The routine is the same every morning in most households.  But for some reason, my kids still don’t know how to get ready for school in the morning.  These tips I have incorporated into our household and it has made a huge difference in how our mornings operate.  There is no more yelling at the kids, no more fighting and it means we all go to school and work, calmer and happier.

Grab these FREE tips on creating the best morning routine with kids that is stress-free and positive.  And if you need some time out don’t forget to check out my Self Care Daily Checklist because it is important that we look after ourselves as well for a healthy mind and healthy body.

Start the morning off right and get your morning routine with kids smooth!




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