Healthy Balance for Family Well Being

Month: June 2018

6 Ways to Be An Effective Family Unit

There are times of the year that we need to work on being an effective family unit and it feels like we are all going in different directions.  For us, as parents, this can be due to tiredness, stressful work situations, stressful life situations or […]

Embracing the Hygge Philosophy

I may be a little behind the times or sleeping under a rock but recently I came across embracing the Hygge philosophy and I fell in love.  Once I read about the awesome Danish people who follow this philosophy I decided it was time to […]

Should We Be Building Resilience in Our Children

Can we be doing more to be buliding resilience in our children?  I have incredibly strong kids.  They are strong in so many ways, but can we be doing more?  Both my kids will speak their mind, say no and speak what they feel, but […]

Being Healthy All Year Round

Being Healthy All Year Round Being healthy and exercising seems to be the top of the hit list on new years resolutions.  Everyone goal is being healthy all year round, right?  But can you keep it up, being healthy all year round?  People make promises […]